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Co-Founder & COO

Co-Founder & COO

Rich Howe

Former COO Mandala Exchange

Rich Howe is a blockchain veteran whose diverse expertise is fueled by more than a decade of high-touch cryptocurrency experience. He has contributed to a number of high-profit blockchain projects, including early support of Shapeshift.io and the founding of Binance Cloud's first privately-owned exchange, Mandala Exchange. He hails from Denver, CO and holds a BA from the University of Colorado. He is a Certified Bitcoin Professional with the CryptoCurrency Certification Consortium.

Co-Founder & CTO

Alex Ostritsky

Serial Tech Entrepreneur & Innovator

"Only the shadow knows"

Alex is a serial entrepreneur, CTO, proven innovator and problem solver. His 30 year career spans the Fintech, Wealth Mgmt, CyberSec, Blockchain, Insurance, Health, and Telecom sectors including 4 exits (2 in Finance, 2 in Telecom). He oversees our team of in-house developers and business analysts who are developing our ecosystem. Alex also sits on a number of advisory boards for U.S. and Canadian wealth management firms, and is a board member of A4I and Memotext. A4I is a public/private joint venture between The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), Memotext and Cybersecurity Compliance Corp.

Strategic Advisor

Ash Howe

Head of Marketing - FIO Protocol

Ash Howe is a data-first marketing executive with a proven track record of driving new customer acquisition through to incremental profitability. Technically-seasoned and analytically-trained, she specializes in leading highly-performant marketing programs from the intersection of information, intuition, and automation. Ash currently holds a Steering Committee position at The Foundation for Interwallet Operability (FIO) and leads for FIO a global marketing team built to drive high-growth adoption of the FIO Protocol. She’s credentialed with more than a decade of cryptocurrency and high tech experience and serves as a strategic advisor for a number of blockchain startups. She holds a BA summa cum laude from the University of Colorado.

Strategic Advisor

Arvind Kumar

Investment Analyst, Fixed Income

Arvind is a traditional finance expert, bringing valuable experience in derivatives trading and fixed income portfolio management.
His passion for Blockchain, deep knowledge of the technical aspects of mainstream asset management and background in quantitative financial modelling, make him uniquely positioned to advance the institutional adoption of DeFi.
He holds an MPhil in Physics from the University of Cambridge, BSc in Natural Sciences from University College London and chartered financial qualifications.

Strategic Advisor

Joshua Sroge

CFO –HBAR Foundation | Ex-CEO-BinanceUSA

Mr. Sroge has worked in finance and accounting with a wide variety of businesses over his thirty-year career: chemical, energy and biotech, software and IT distribution, medical and sports equipment manufacturing, blockchain and cryptocurrency, and services industries. He has been in both financial and operational leadership capacities with Denver-area companies such as Kryptonics, Image Guided Technologies, Access Graphics, Spatial Corp, ShapeShift, TextUs, and Liqid. In the past five years he has led a consulting firm that works with growth stage technology companies to successfully raise capital, develop infrastructure, and enable commercialization. Most recently he spent two years as CFO, and three months as interim CEO, at Binance.US, the 3rd largest cryptocurrency exchange in the USA. He lives in Louisville, CO and is the President of the Board of EFAA, a 103 year old Boulder non-profit that raises $6m annually to strengthen Boulder County families thru housing, a food bank, and services. He has a BS in Accounting from CUNY Hunter College, and is a Certified Bitcoin Professional.

Strategic Advisor

Peter Stratakos

VP Americas - Blackstone

Peter Stratakos is a strategic leader with a 25 year track record of helping companies achieve high growth and profitability. Key strengths include business strategy, business development and identifying risk/reward opportunities that drive profitable growth. He currently leads the Advisory & Client Services division as VP, Americas, Blackstone Energy. He is a strategic advisor for a number of technology companies including Stat Analytics, Halex Technology and Cybersecurity Compliance Corp. Peter studied Economics at Western University and was the recipient of The Robert G. Siskind Entrepreneurial Award. He also holds a Blockchain for Business Certification from Cornell University.

Strategic Advisor

Marc Weinzimmer

Management Consultant

Marc is a financial strategist and data analytics expert. He has extensive experience in managerial finance, financial accounting & reporting, financial investments, quantitative modelling, planning and analysis. This includes design, implementation, and oversight of finance and operations systems designed to improve company performance tracking, analysis and data modelling. He has an MBA from the University of Denver and holds licenses and certifications in various business intelligence and data modelling enterprise software solutions.

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