Welcome to SimpleDEFI


Looking for a faster and simpler way to interact with DeFi? Does your Web3 Project need help generating liquidity?

We can help.

We provide an easy to use ecoystem with tools for individuals, institutions and Web3 projects.

Our EASY Vaults® aggregate liquidity across multiple DEXs for you on a single UI. You can design your own portfolio in no time. Rebalance, restructure, literally on the fly in seconds. Search and execution functionality that is simple to use.

And, reliable infrastructure that just works.

Web3 Projects

We can help increase liquidity, provide more utility for your token, and give you tools to manage operational risks.

Don’t rely on complex DEXs to generate liquidity for you. Let SimpleDEFI activate an EASY Vault® for your project along with SimpleLIQUIDITY®, our white label liquidity and utility generating protocols.

SimpleGOVERNANCE® is our latest tool that we refer to as the trustless back office. We help mitigate risk, protect your treasury, and bring confidence to your community that you are proactively securing your project against external threats.


More to come, check out our roadmap and our whitepaper:


You are accessing a web3 app that is in public beta, please use at your own risk.

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